Curtin University Masterplan First to Receive 5 Green Star-Communities Rating in Australia

The Curtin University Master Plan has become the first project to receive a 5 Star Green Star-Communities Rating by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). The plan sets forth a strategy for the renewal of the University’s main campus in… Sigue leyendo

SO?–?IL and FREAKS Win Competition to Modernize France’s Site Verrier

SO-IL, in collaboration with FREAKS freearchitects, has been selected as the first-prize winner of a competition to reinvent the historic Site Verrier in France. Located in the Northern Vosges Natural Park, the updated plan addresses three elements of the site’s industrial past while providing a dynamic space… Sigue leyendo

Alvega Canoeing Center / ateliermob

Architects: ateliermob
Location: 2205-102 Alvega, Portugal
Design Team: Andreia Salavessa, Tiago Mota Saraiva, Vera João, Ana Luísa Cunha, Rita Aguiar Rodrigues, Carine Pimenta, João Afonso Almeida, Mariana Simões, João Torres, Sophia Walk
Area: 320.0 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Francisco Nogueira…
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Bus Station Canopies / MAXWAN architects + urbanists

Architects: MAXWAN architects + urbanists
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Design Team: Rients Dijkstra and Hiroki Matsuura with Artur Boresjo, Nobuki Ogasahara Rene Sangers, Harm te Velde, Aleksandar Hrib.
Year: 2014
Photographs: Filip Dujardin

Steel Manufacturing: IHC Studio Metalix (forming), Van der …
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CIAM 4 and the “Unanimous” Origins of Modernist Urban Planning

Held in 1933 on a ship in the Mediterranian, the fourth CIAM congress and Le Corbusier’s subsequent Athens Charter (La Charte d’Athenes) are widely regarded as a defining period in Modernist urban planning, a moment when architects came to an agreement …
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Pedestrian Assisted Path from Baixa To Castelo de São Jorge / Falcão de Campos

Architects: Falcão de Campos
Localization: Lisboa, Portugal
Author: João Pedro Falcão de Campos
Collaborators: Filipa Mourão, Luísa Ramalho, Patrícia Cabaço, Cátia Venda, Francisco Vilaça, David Ferreira da Silva
Area: 1440.0 m2
Year: 2013
Photographs: José Manuel Rodrigues

Structural Engineer: A2P. …
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An Interview with Zhang Lei, AZL Architects

“We have to try to work with scale and memory. I think in the last twenty years the main problem is that we lost the 归宿感 [sense of belonging]. The people here have been moving from house to house for …
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Mayor Of London Supports Plans For Europe’s Longest Segregated Cycle Lane

According to a document published last month, London’s aspiration to become “a great cycling city” has taken one step closer to reality. The office of the Mayor of London has approved plans to develop Europe’s longest segregated bicycle lane through the centre of… Sigue leyendo

16 Social Housing Units Urban Refurbishment / a/LTA

Architects: a/LTA
Location: Charleville-Mézières, France
Area: 1100.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Fabrice Dehoche

Construction Site: a/LTA Le Trionnaire (x2) – Tassot – Le Chapelain + AMA architectes
Engineering: Zebra 3 + Barthès Bois
Client: Habitat 08
Budget: 1 408 000 …
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Pxathens – Six Thresholds / Buerger Katsota Architects

Architects: Buerger Katsota Architects
Location: Athens, Greece
Design Team: Stephan Buerger, Demetra Katsota, Stephanos Conidaris, Flavian Lekkas, Francisco Serodio, Mladen Stamenic
Consultants: Panagiotis Panagotopoulos (structural engineers), TETRAS AE (m/e engineers), Greenways (landscape architects) L+DG (lighting architects)
Area: 840.0 sqm…
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