Prima Materia Collection by Esrawe (MX)

Estratos solid wood and brass pieces by Hector Esrawe and Emilio Chapela in collaboration with Manuel Bañó. The singular and natural designs on each of the pieces were photographed, digitalized and then traced onto the surface of the wood with a robot. The process was repeated until the pattern was gradually engraved into the wood, following the design of the new photographed section.

Mexico City based design studio Esrawe has created a collection of objects based on found materials from stores and warehouses.     Says designer Héctor Esrawe, “The process began with selecting the materials to understand and analyze them in their ‘raw’ form. From there, the purpose and potential of each material was defined, looking at […]
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Réaction Poétique Collection by Jaime Hayon for Cassina (IT)

Réaction Poétique Collection by Jaime Hayon for Cassina

Designer Jaime Hayon has created a series of wooden objects for Italian design brand Cassina inspired by the works of Le Corbusier, 50 years after his death.     Named Réaction Poétique, the collection is inspired by the organic shapes of Le Corbusier’s architectures and esprit nouveau artwork: four table centrepieces, a tray made up […]
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Milan 2015 Preview: Kristalia

Sharky stools by Neuland for Kristalia

Kristalia will be showing new Sharky stools designed by Neuland Industriedesign in Milan at the upcoming Salone del Mobile 2015.     Says Kristalia, “Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher, also known as Neuland Industriedesign, were not satisfied with having won the Interior Innovation Award 2015, a prestigious prize awarded by the German Design Council, for […]
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Sensuous, Modern and Always Handmade

Upcyling: the beams used for the “Barbarossa” table originate from old half-timbered houses. The steel frame goes well with the historic oak tabletop

“We’re effectively one big family that knows everything there is to know about beautiful, comfortable and sophisticated furniture. The fact that we enjoy creating things naturally makes it very much easier for us.” At KFF, every single employee subscribes to this statement by company founder and owner Karl-Friedrich Förster, whose initials gave the design forge […]
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A Passion that Spans the Generations

"S07/40S": a wardrobe and closet with endless possibilities, design: Rolf Heide and Peter Kräling

The history of one of the German furniture sector’s top brands reads like a family saga. Today the company, which dates back to 1937, is under the direction of Leo Lübke, the third generation of his family to run the business: “We build the things that are important to us into our furniture: quality, uniqueness […]
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Pocket-Sprung Comfort

The “Basis/Origins” collection also includes “Corner”, a bed with a striking, space-structuring headboard.

Whilst handcrafted production may mean different things to different people, it doesn’t necessarily trigger associations with recently constructed and impressively sized buildings such as those belonging to Schramm Werkstätten GmbH. Back in 1923, however, the firm started out on a much smaller scale – as an upholstery and saddlery workshop. Today, the handmade bed producer […]
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Healey Lounge Chair by PearsonLloyd for Walter Knoll (DE)

Healey Lounge Chair by PearsonLloyd for Walter Knoll

Continuing with the trend of informal or less traditional workplace furniture, London-based PearsonLloyd’s latest chairs for Walter Knoll “are the perfect addition to the home or office”.     “Healey Lounge pays tribute to classic cars with its gently curved outer shell and soft upholstery with distinctive piped detailing.” say the designers. “Optional armrests provide […]
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Individuality Comes First

Unusual: the cherry "Stammsitz" provides a sitting experience of a very different kind.

Inside, Scholtissek’s current collection of tables and cabinets conjures up a puristic atmosphere. The minimalist, understated tables are the manifestation of a fascination with fine wood that has endured for more than 40 years. They are made not just of European hardwoods but of unusual varieties such as apple and Karelian birch from e.g. the […]
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The Art of Quintessence

Free fall: the arrangement of the poles in the "Linux" shelving unit is randomly generated, making each and every configuration a one-off.

More than three decades ago, Hubert Matthias Sanktjohanser was lucky enough to find two partners for life: wood, the material that inspired him to master the craft of cabinetmaking and become a passionate furniture designer, and his wife, a like-minded architect who achieves his visions with him. In his designs, Sanktjohanser concentrates on the essentials: […]
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Milan 2015 preview: Paola Lenti (IT)

Build panels by Francesco Rota for Paola Lenti are conceived to divide and equip interior spaces; they can be fixed to the wall or can create self- bearing compositions.

Beyond Colour is the theme chosen by Paola Lenti this year for Milan Design Week, “to emphasize the willingness to go ‘beyond’, beyond the enveloping spell of colours toward a different vision of outdoor and indoor living” says the Italian design brand.     “The study of colours and shades enhances the harmony of forms, […]
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