Henning Larsen Designs New Branch of Swedish National Museum

Henning Larsen Architects has been selected over eleven finalists to design the new NORR – National Museum in Östersund, Mid-Sweden. Acting both as an extension to the existing Jamtli Museum and a new branch of the Swedish National Museum, the new building will… Sigue leyendo

Geology Museum / LeeMundwiler Architects

Architects: LeeMundwiler Architects
Location: 大鹏半岛, Longgang, Shenzhen, China
Consultants: BLY Landscape Architecture Planning & Design Institute; Huayi Design.
Area: 6200.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Yujiang Peng

From the architect.… The Dapeng Peninsula is on the southeastern coast of China and Sigue leyendo

Xiang Jing + Qu Guangci Sculpture Studio / aterlier100s+1

Architects: aterlier100s+1
Location: Songzhuangzhen, Tongzhou, Beijing, China
Architects In Charge: Peng Lele, Zeng Renzhen, Yang Guang, Ling Lin
Area: 1257.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Zeng Renzhen

From the architect.… The mountain shape building gradually setback towards northwest, in case of Sigue leyendo

AIA Names 6 US Libraries as 2015?s Best

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has revealed six libraries they believe to be the year’s best. In collaboration with the American Library Association (ALA), the AIA/ALA Library Building Awards are intended to promote and honor exceptional designs in library architecture. Taking into account… Sigue leyendo

A Pavilion on the Garden / Rafael Alanis, Andres Bonino, Matias Coll, Diego Secco

Architects: Rafael Alanis, Andres Bonino, Matias Coll, Diego Secco
Location: Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales, Avenida Tomas Giribaldi 2283, Montevideo 11300, Uruguay
Area: 35.0 sqm
Year: 2015
Photographs: Marcos Guiponi

Collaborator: Emi Garateguy
Advisors: Magnone-Pollio Ingenieros.

From the architect.… A Sigue leyendo

Heavenly Water Service Center of International Horticultural Exposition 2014 / HHD_FUN

Architects: HHD_FUN
Location: Qingdao, Shandong, China
Area: 6539.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: DuoCai Photograph, Zhenfei Wang

Landscape Designer: HHD_FUN
Ldi: BDG Qingdao beiyang architectural design co., LTD
Site Area: 23000 m2

From the architect.… The International Horticultural Exposition 2014 opened Sigue leyendo

MeCri Museum / studio inches architettura

Architects: studio inches architettura
Location: Minusio, Switzerland
Design Team: Matteo Inches, Nastasja Geleta, Tommaso Pareschi
Year: 2014
Photographs: Marcelo Villada Ortiz

Structural Engeneering: Jelmoni SA
Electrical Installation: Elettricità De Lorenzi
Roof Seals: GRG Carpenteria
Plumber: Deco SA…
Metal Work / Sigue leyendo

OVO / Camilo Rebelo

Architects: Camilo Rebelo
Location: Fideris, Switzerland
Current Room Area: 20,8 sq.meters
Previous Room Area: 39,1 sq.meters
Year: 2014
Photographs: Office archive

Collaborators: Patricio Guedes
Project Partner : sculptor: Rui Chafes
Engineering Coordination: GOP – Gabinete de Organização e Projectos Lda.…
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Cultural House of Pinhel / depA Architects

Architects: depA Architects
Location: 6400 Pinhel, Portugal
Area: 1040.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: José Campos

Consultants: Luís Oliveira, Edgar Brito, NCREP
Museology: Glorybox

From the architect.… The creation of Pinhel’s Cultural House allowed the rehabilitation of the city’s old Bishop’s Sigue leyendo

Fan Zeng Art Gallery / Original Design Studio

Architects: Original Design Studio
Location: Nantong, Jiangsu, China
Architect In Charge: Zhang Ming, Zhang Zi, Li Xuefeng, Sun Jialong, Zhang Zhiguang, Su Ting
Design Company: The Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tongji University, Original Design Studio
Investor: Nantong University…
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