Video: Olympiapark München / Frei Otto

Pritzker laureate Frei Otto was best known for his tensile structures. A prime example Otto’s ingenuity, the 1972 Olympic Stadium in Munich was a collaborative work with Gunther Behnisch that connected the park’s main programs – the natatorium, gymnasium and main stadium – with… Sigue leyendo

GRAFT Reveals Final Design for Munich’s APASSIONATA Park

GRAFT Architects has released the final designs for the APASSIONATA adventure park. The competition-winning proposal aims to become a hub for leisure and entertainment in Munich, Germany, featuring a year-round venue for relaxation, discovery, and interaction with horses.
Check out the design and watch a virtual tour of …
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Dreischeibenhaus / HPP Architects

Architects: HPP Architects
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Project Leader: Karl Heinz Wolff
Project Partner: Claudia Roggenkämper
Design Team: Fritz Altland, Sema Arda-al-Salahi, Detlev Armeloh, Ugur Aybirdi, Erwin Drese, Anika, Kessel, Markus Leiting, Heike Pauckert-Noelte, Florentine Struss, Marion Weiler
Area: 35000.0 sqm…
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The Hombroich Foundation Presents “Souto de Moura 1980 – 2015?

From April 18 until August 24, 2015, the Hombroich Foundation will showcase the work of Pritzker Prize-winning architect Eduardo Souto de Moura. Spanning from his early career in 1980 to the present, the exhibition will explore de Moura’s influential style… Sigue leyendo

AD Classics: Fagus Factory / Walter Gropius + Adolf Meyer

The Fagus Factory is one of the earliest built works of modern architecture, and the first project of Walter Gropius. The commission provided Gropius with the opportunity to put his revolutionary ideas into practice, and the stunning rectilinear volume with… Sigue leyendo

The Surreal Architectural Collages Of Matthias Jung

Matthias Jung’s fascination for the medium of collage began in his father’s photolab. And so, “with scissors and glue, the first fantastic buildings were made.” In early 2015 Jung, a German artist and graphic designer, created seven images as part of a series which he… Sigue leyendo

LANDHAUS / Thomas Kröger Architekt

Architects: Thomas Kröger Architekt
Location: Uckermarkstraße, Berlin, Germany
Area: 320.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Thomas Heimann, Courtesy of Thomas Kröger Architekt

From the architect.… In a small village in the Uckermark, north of Berlin, a large barn has been converted Sigue leyendo

Wooden Hut / Kawahara Krause Architects

Architects: Kawahara Krause Architects
Location: Leonberg, Germany
Area: 11.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Courtesy of Kawahara Krause Architects

Project Team: Kawahara Tatsuya, Ellen Kristina Krause
Construction Company: Bartholomaeus, Leonberg

From the architect.… The starting points for this project were two Sigue leyendo

nps tchoban voss and Hager Partner Design Recreation Center for Nauen

This first-prize competition winning proposal by nps tchoban voss and Hager Partner gives new life to the municipal outdoor pool facility in Nauen, Germany. Commissioned for future construction, the recreation center brings a multi-functional layout to the complex, activating the space year round and providing… Sigue leyendo

Rehabilitation and Extension of the Colani-UFO / SSP SchürmannSpannel

Architects: SSP SchürmannSpannel
Location: Brambauer, Germany
Area: 1000.0 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Joachim Schumacher

From the architect.… In the technology centre of Lünen, over a former coal mine factory, hovers a “UFO”.  Designed in 1985 by Luigi Colani the “UFO” Sigue leyendo