Leo Burnett Singapore / SCA design

Architects: SCA design (a member of the ONG&ONG Group)
Location: Singapore
Project Director: Micah Valenzuela
Year: 2014
Photographs: Bai Jiwen

From the architect.… Leo Burnett incorporates ‘WE’ spaces, local culture, geometric motifs and art installations that fuse east and west, Sigue leyendo

A Pavilion on the Garden / Rafael Alanis, Andres Bonino, Matias Coll, Diego Secco

Architects: Rafael Alanis, Andres Bonino, Matias Coll, Diego Secco
Location: Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales, Avenida Tomas Giribaldi 2283, Montevideo 11300, Uruguay
Area: 35.0 sqm
Year: 2015
Photographs: Marcos Guiponi

Collaborator: Emi Garateguy
Advisors: Magnone-Pollio Ingenieros.

From the architect.… A Sigue leyendo

Media Library Choisy-Le-Roi / Atelier d’Architecture Brenac-Gonzalez

Architects: Atelier d’Architecture Brenac-Gonzalez
Location: Choisy-le-Roi, France
Architect In Charge: Florent Descolas
Economist: MEBI
Area: 2400.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Sergio Grazia

From the architect.… The new media library in Choisy-le-Roi (Paris suburb), delivered in the spring of 2014 by Sigue leyendo

Heavenly Water Service Center of International Horticultural Exposition 2014 / HHD_FUN

Architects: HHD_FUN
Location: Qingdao, Shandong, China
Area: 6539.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: DuoCai Photograph, Zhenfei Wang

Landscape Designer: HHD_FUN
Ldi: BDG Qingdao beiyang architectural design co., LTD
Site Area: 23000 m2

From the architect.… The International Horticultural Exposition 2014 opened Sigue leyendo

MeCri Museum / studio inches architettura

Architects: studio inches architettura
Location: Minusio, Switzerland
Design Team: Matteo Inches, Nastasja Geleta, Tommaso Pareschi
Year: 2014
Photographs: Marcelo Villada Ortiz

Structural Engeneering: Jelmoni SA
Electrical Installation: Elettricità De Lorenzi
Roof Seals: GRG Carpenteria
Plumber: Deco SA…
Metal Work / Sigue leyendo

Rehabilitation of the National University Library / ANMA

Architects: ANMA
Location: Place de la République, 67000 Strasbourg, France
Area: 18800.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Vincent Fillon

Project Leaders: Brice Chapon (competition), Anne Pestel (studies), Jean-Jacques Chagnaud (work site)
Project Manager: Valérie Dubois
Implementation Manager: Etienne Challet-Hayard…
Project Management: Sigue leyendo

Mesh Temporary Bar / fala atelier

Architects: fala atelier
Location: Porto, Portugal
Year: 2014
Photographs: Ana Luisa Soares, António Lopes

Client: aefaup
Budget: 500€

From the architect.… The 3x3x5m metal structure was given; the skin is defined by an overlay of metal meshes and plastic screens. Sigue leyendo

OVO / Camilo Rebelo

Architects: Camilo Rebelo
Location: Fideris, Switzerland
Current Room Area: 20,8 sq.meters
Previous Room Area: 39,1 sq.meters
Year: 2014
Photographs: Office archive

Collaborators: Patricio Guedes
Project Partner : sculptor: Rui Chafes
Engineering Coordination: GOP – Gabinete de Organização e Projectos Lda.…
Sigue leyendo

Cultural House of Pinhel / depA Architects

Architects: depA Architects
Location: 6400 Pinhel, Portugal
Area: 1040.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: José Campos

Consultants: Luís Oliveira, Edgar Brito, NCREP
Museology: Glorybox

From the architect.… The creation of Pinhel’s Cultural House allowed the rehabilitation of the city’s old Bishop’s Sigue leyendo

Fan Zeng Art Gallery / Original Design Studio

Architects: Original Design Studio
Location: Nantong, Jiangsu, China
Architect In Charge: Zhang Ming, Zhang Zi, Li Xuefeng, Sun Jialong, Zhang Zhiguang, Su Ting
Design Company: The Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tongji University, Original Design Studio
Investor: Nantong University…
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