ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards 2012: The Finalists

After two intense weeks, with 40,000 nominations, the collective intelligence formed by the readers of ArchDaily has scrutinized close to 3,000 projects, creating the shortlist that now moves into the final voting stage.

As in previous years, we have to congratulate our readers, as the finalists are outstanding. Buildings from all over the world, by firms of all sizes and trajectories, ranging from social buildings with no budget to state of the art buildings. But they all have something in common: good architecture that can improve people’s lives.

You can vote for your favorite projects starting today and until February 13th, 2013 (read the complete rules).

Remember that the project with the most votes will receive an HP Designjet T520 ePrinter and the project with the 2nd most votes will receive an HP Designjet T120 ePrinter from our sponsor HP.

The winners of the iPad Minis that we are giving away during the nomination process are: Sunil Bald and Susana Carls (you’ll receive an email shorty). And remember that we are giving away two iPads during the final voting round!

Meet the finalists:

Sports Architecture


Public Facilities

Museums and Libraries

Healthcare Architecture

Hotels and Restaurants





Religious Architecture

Institutional Architecture


Office Buildings

ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards 2012: The Finalists originally appeared on ArchDaily, the most visited architecture website on 30 Jan 2013.

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ArchDaily 2012 Building of the Year Awards

For the 4th consecutive year, we are proud to announce the Building of the Year Awards. During the past year we continued to grow, reaching over 280,000 daily visitors and close to 70 million page views per month. We also expanded our ever-growing network of architects on social media: 640,000 fans on Facebook, 105,000 followers on Twitter, 20,000 followers on Tumblr, 40,000 followers on Instagram and more than 100,000 photos contributed to our Flickr group.

But ArchDaily is more than numbers. The world faces fundamental problems, related to health, energy, climate, and more. And almost all these problems are related to the built environment.

We launched ArchDaily Mexico this year, which joins ArchDaily, ArchDaily Brasil and Plataforma Arquitectura in our mission to improve the quality of life for the 3 billion people who will live in cities in the next 40 years. How can we do this? By providing the inspiration, tools and knowledge to the architects who will face this challenge. By connecting the traditional hot-spots of architectural production with emerging economies (where a lot of innovation is happening). We believe that, in this way, the constant iteration of architecture will accelerate and result in better and faster solutions to the world’s issues.

That’s why the Building of the Year Awards are so important for us. It is a peer-based award process that identifies and recognizes projects with impact. It will be up to you, the architect, to nominate and choose the winners for each category. It will be up to you to be a part of a collective intelligence that will judge more than 2,700 projects – a scope we think is unprecedented in the world of architecture.

The task is up to you.

For the next 4 weeks, you’ll be in charge of nominating buildings for the shortlist, and then voting for the winners. We will give away iPad Minis and 4th Generation iPads for voters, and will include amazing plotters (courtesy of our friends from HP) for the firms behind the two projects with the most votes.

Rules at a glance: During the nominating stage, each registered user of the My ArchDaily platform will be able to nominate once per day for their favorite projects (published between Jan 1st 2012 and Dec 31st 2012), the counter resets at midnight EST. This stage starts on Jan 15th and ends on Jan 29th at 11:59PM.  After this, five projects per category will move into the voting stage, starting January 30th and ending on February 13th. The winner will be announced on February 14th. Start voting here.

Detailed rules after the break:

Happy Holidays from the Architects!

During the past few days, we have received many e-cards from the offices, architects and photographers that are part of the ArchDaily network. Images from their offices, new buildings, ongoing projects, and even a video, are part of the many xmas greetings we selected to share with you.

After the break, 85 architectural ways of saying: Merry Christmas!

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

abelardo gonzalez Abelardo Gonzalez
ahA+ ahA+
Atelier V Atelier V
AZPA Alejandro Zaera Polo AZPA Alejandro Zaera Polo Architects
bcmf arquitetos (br) BCMF Arquitetos
COOP Himmelb(l)au COOP Himmelb(l)au
Correia Ragazzi Correia Ragazzi
edmund sumner Edmund Sumner
extrastudio EXTRASTUDIO
feld72 feld72
forgas arquitectes Forgas Arquitectes
ICE ICE - Ideas for Contemporary Environments
J Mayer H Jürgen Mayer H
jds JDS (click to animate)
Joao Morgado Joao Morgado
jorge mealha Jorge Mealha
Lassila Hirvilammi Lassila Hirvilammi
like architects Like Architects
magenarquitectos Magen Arquitectos
MAL VI Mal Vi Architects
marc koehler Marc Koehler
MASS Infographic - check out link! MASS
mateo arquitectura Mateo Arquitectura
miralles tagliabue EMBT EMBT Miralles Tagliabue
modus studio Modus Studio
noname-1 Rafael Sanchez de la Hoz
PAR Architects PAR Architects
patricia parinejad Patricia Prinejad
perkins eastman Perkins Eastman
personal architecture Personal Architecture
plasma studio Plasma Studio
richard meier Richard Meier
Rojkind Arquitectos Rojkind Arquitectos
safdie architects Safdie Architects
Studio UP Studio UP
StudioRossi Studio Rossi
Swatt Miers Swatt Miers Architects
thomas mayer Thomas Mayer
triptyque (br) Triptyque
vaumm VAUMM
ZHA Zaha Hadid Architects
A2OFFICE A2 Office
Alberto Pascale Alberto Pascale
Alvar Aalto Museum Alvar Aalto Museum
Architrend Architecture Architrend Architecture
Atelier Hapsitus Atelier Hapsitus
AVP Arhitekti AVP Arhitekti
CU Office CU Office
CZA - Cino Zucchi Architetti CZA - Cino Zucchi Architetti
dan pearlman Dan Pearlman
De Bartolo + Rimanic Design Studio De Bartolo + Rimanic Design Studio
??????? Dennis Gilbert / VIEW
DRDStudio DRDStudio
Duarte Calderia Duarte Calderia
¢?5±í Duccio Malagamba
DVA Arhitekta DVA Arhitekta
Interface Studio Architects Interface Studio Architects
Invisible Studio Invisible Studio
jade doskow Jade Doskow
Karim Rashid Karim Rashid (click to animate)
KNOWSPACE architecture + cities KNOWSPACE architecture + cities
Kubota & Bachmann Architects Kubota & Bachmann Architects
modostudio modostudio
Neri&Hu Neri & Hu design & research office
Paolo Didone Paolo Didone
RaichdelRio estudi d'arquitectura RaichdelRio estudi d'arquitectura
Rebelo de Andrade Rebelo de Andrade
regis pean+omni::form regis pean+omni::form
Reiulf Ramstad Reiulf Ramstad
rintala eggertsson architects rintala eggertsson architects
Yianna Bouyioukou - Happy Holidays Yianna Bouyioukou

Happy Holidays from the Architects! originally appeared on ArchDaily, the most visited architecture website on 24 Dec 2012.

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Call for ArchDaily Interns for Spring 2013

ArchDaily is in need of a select group of awesome, architecture-obsessed Interns to join our team for Spring 2013 (January 14th – May 14th)! If you want to spend your days researching/writing about the best architecture around the globe – and find out what it takes to work for the world’s most visited architecture website – then read on after the break…

Applicants must reside in an English-Speaking Nation (USA/Canada/UK/Australia/etc.).
Applicants must have completed their first year of University.
Applicants must be able to work from home (or school, workplace) and occasionally attend events.
Applicants must be able to dedicate 15 hours per week: the schedule is flexible, but you must be reachable Monday through Friday.
Writing experience is a huge plus (have a Blog, write for your school paper?), tell us about it on the form.
Basic experience with WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Photoshop or video editing are a plus. Please indicate this in the form below.

If you think you have what it takes, please fill out the following form by January 6th. We will contact potential candidates (and only potential candidates) for interviews/follow-ups the week of January 7th – 14th.

Email(valid email required)
Country, City(required)
College / University(required)
Year At University (Sophomore, Junior, etc.)(required)
Can you commit 15 hours a week, January 14th to May 14th?
Year of Graduation(required)
Do you have a website/blog?
Why would you like to work at ArchDaily(required)
Tell as about your experience, skills, etc. (writing/online/social media experience especially)(required)
Tell us about your favorite building (200 words or less)(required)

The ArchDaily “Building of the Year” App Has Launched!

We know you’ve been anxiously waiting to have ArchDaily with you everywhere you go – whether on the road or on your couch. Well, we’ve listened, and we’re more than proud to announce the launch of our first iPad application!

Our new FREE App will give you in-depth access to the winners and finalists of The Building Of The Year Award, the most important architecture award in the online world (since 2009). It’s an award that recognizes architects – both established heavyweights and emerging talents – as the best and brightest of today, and they’re all chosen by you, our community of ArchDaily readers. While you’ll have to wait a bit longer until you can vote for your favorite 2012 projects (TBA early 2013), the App offers the perfect distraction: full access to the 2011 winners.

Find out more about our “Building of the Year” App, after the break…

Special features of the “Building of the Year” App include:

An extensive photo gallery, optimized with Retina Display, for each of the winners
High-Res Drawings
Descriptions of each project
Interviews with the winners
Profiles of the winning studios
An introduction to each finalist

The development of this App has been an interesting journey to say the least (this is our first venture into the iPad world, after all) but we’re thrilled with the results. We’ve put in a lot of work to make sure each photo is in the highest resolution, each interview contains every detail, and each post offers invaluable insight into the winning studios – all the while maintaining a killer design and an easy user experience.

So, what are you waiting for (we mentioned it’s FREE, right)? The App is only a click away…

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

The ArchDaily “Building of the Year” App Has Launched! originally appeared on ArchDaily, the most visited architecture website on 30 Nov 2012.

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ArchDaily v2.5: Less is More, our new design

Dear readers,

ArchDaily is done by architects, for architects. This means that there are architects taking decisions on every level, from the daily curation of projects, to the coding and design of our website.

ArchDaily’s design has stayed practically the same since we started in May 2008, and today we are happy to announce our long due redesign: ArchDaily version 2.5 code name Less is More.

In this version we are presenting a less cluttered, easy to read and more intuitive interface. We have done a tremendous effort to reduce the amount of paths and decisions, as the Less is Moreconcept mastered by Mies van der Rohe has taught us. A tremendous challenge, that made us understand the essence of what we do and what is important to you.

But why v2.5 and no v3.0? While Less is More looks like a very different interface, the structure of the data and gallery browsing are practically the same. And those are the fundamental parts that are currently being developed by our team of engineers and architects, which we expect to release during Q4 2012. This will mean that projects will be available with rich meta data that will allow you to find that wood cabin in front of a lake you have been trying to find, in just a few clicks. And that the image galleries will be blazing fast and adapt to your screen, and your device (hint: tablet and mobile!). On this release we are also exposing our global network: at the top you’ll find a flag to jump to ArchDaily Brasil, ArchDaily Mexico and Plataforma Arquitectura (ArchDaily en Español), a network with more than 7 million visitors per month.

We are in front of a big challenge, and we wanted to put out this revised version after our experience with ArchDaily Brasil and ArchDaily Mexico, as we know that your feedback during these months will help us deliver the best v3.0 possible, making ArchDaily a better tool for you, aligned with our mission:

To improve the quality of life of the next 3 billion people that will move into cities in the next 40 years, by providing inspiration, knowledge and tools to the architects who will have the challenge to design for them. 

Please leave your feedback in the comments section below or through our contact form.


David Assael, David Basulto and the whole team at ArchDaily

ArchDaily v2.5: Less is More, our new design originally appeared on ArchDaily, the most visited architecture website on 02 Sep 2012.

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