Ye Olde + Modernism = Wonderfully Eccentric House By Duggan Morris

Photos courtesy of James Brittain

For the second year in a row, architects at Duggan Morris have been nominated for the RIBA Manser Medal for best new house in the UK. This year’s noteworthy project: Old Bearhurst, which entailed an extensive renovation and addition to a 19th century farm building in East Sussex. The facility, once used for drying hops, includes a timber-clad barn and twin circular towers. Read more.

A single-story extension was built to connect the two buildings, with the floor resting below ground to ensure the roof’s pitch does not rise above the towers. Additional utility rooms were sunk further down to create a separation from the main areas of activity.

The home is a perfect blend of rustic and modern. Large timber beams, concrete floors, and brick walls comprise the building’s structure; inside, rooms are sparsely furnished with mostly modern decor.