Steven Holl Architects Celebrates Milestones In China And Virginia

It’s a great day to be Steven Holl Architects. The firm just celebrated the pre-opening of the long awaited Sliced Porosity Block in China (with special guest, the Prime Minister of Singapore) and passing the $20 million dollar mark in its campaign to build an Institute of Contemporary Art in Virginia. Ever the international architect, Holl continues his winning streak of far-flung small and large-scale projects that are both architecturally innovative and contextually sensitive. Read More.

The Sliced Porosity Block is a complex of five skyscrapers that includes a massive central public space to create a “giant chunk of metropolis”. The buildings are uniquely sliced according to the minimum sunlight exposure required by surrounding urban areas. The white concrete structures feature six foot high openings and earthquake diagonals that frame the public square.

The square itself is formed into three valleys, each with their own water garden based on the concepts of time: ‘The Fountain of the Chinese Calendar’, ‘The Fountain of Twelve Months’, and ‘The Fountain of 30 Days’. The central square doubles as a “micro-urban” area with double-fronted stores and underground shopping. Passive heating and cooling features, recycled rain water ponds, and low energy practices also put the project in the running for LEED gold certification. The Sliced Porosity Block is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Across the globe, Virginia Commonwealth University announced that it had raised an addition $6 million for Steven Holl’s design for Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA), expanding its fundraising campaign past $20 million and inching ever closer to its $32 million capital campaign. The ICA will be part exhibition center and performance space, part lab and creative incubator, and home to visual art, theater, music, dance, and film programs. The University hopes to open the 38,000 square foot center in 2015.