ModulARCH Festival of Modular Architecture

Organized by Czech collective Arch for PeopleModulARCH is a new festival of modular architecture to be held in BrnoCzech Republic this April. The festival will explore all aspects of modular architecture from the ecological to the economic, and discuss the role of the typology within the contemporary city.

The three day program of ModulARCH will unfold on the grounds of Brno’s Moravian gallery, and comprise three distinct blocks. In succession, the festival will address modular architecture’s relationship with the public space, the modular EXPO 2015 pavilion in Milan, and the social necessity of modular architecture, alongside its role in public buildings. Two evening lectures will be given by Chilean architect Sebastian Irarrazaval, whose practice and research has dealt closely with modular architecture and construction. Learn more about the three day conference after the break.

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