Let’s All Move To Mexico City And Live In This Awesome Condo Complex!


This project won the 2013 Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award in the residential mid-rise category. See the full list of winners here.

Cb71, designed by the local firm la Proyectería, is located just west of Mexico City, in the affluent district of Polanco. Known for its cultural diversity and bustling, cosmopolitan vibe, Polanco provides the perfect opportunity for new solutions to urban living.

Still, that doesn’t meant getting this 1,500-square-meter complex built was a cinch. The designers faced tough neighborhood regulations, but they weren’t deterred. “Far from seeing regulations as obstructions, we took advantage of this condition and established them as our design strategy,” says project leader Alejandra Elizarrarás. Read more!

Built in 2012, the residential complex is divided into two blocks that surround a central courtyard. In the first building, each level houses three 150-square-meter apartments. The other structure contains two spacious, bi-level units. The architects used a design-as-they-build approach to the project. ”We made the design process parallel to construction,” says Elizarrarás.

Materials include exposed concrete, metal, and glass—a cold palette softened by wood flooring and lush vegetation. “We chose materials that let us clearly understand the process of construction,” says Elizarrarás. “The concrete structure is the final finish of walls, where its own texture shows the way it was made.” One feature Elizarrarás particularly loves is the exterior patchwork of glass and aluminum panels facing the courtyard, revealing “the interior program through the use of transparencies and opacities,” he notes.

The architect emphasizes that Cb71 should be viewed as a layered composition rather than a single object. “Every aspect should be considered,” he says. “Space and function are defined by structure and orientation; the use of different materials and textures create multiple comfortable experiences.”

Certainly, we wouldn’t mind kicking our shoes off and getting comfy in one of Cb71′s sleek apartments. Congrats to la Proyectería for winning an Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award!