Happy client. Happy students.

This weekend, 10 students from UC Denver presented their ideas for the design of the Billjohn Residence near Montezuma Creek, UT as a part of their design-build education in partnership with Design Build Bluff, a non-profit organization designing and building sustainable housing on the Navajo Nation near Bluff, UT.

We had met the Billjohn’s back in February and spent the day with them at their home site as well as touring and viewing the previous DBB projects. We got to know them a little bit through our conversations that day but were out of contact with them during a large part of our design process. They are a very quiet couple and were not very vocal in their needs. We were very unsure about some of the design options we were presenting to them. Of course we were rushing to complete the model and printed the drawings in the late hours the night before the meeting.

On Saturday morning we brought them to the DBB campus in Bluff and presented our design ideas. We walked th…