Featured Project: House in Travanca By Nelson Resende Arquitecto

Project:  House in Travanca 

Architect:  Nelson Resende Arquitecto

Location:  Travanca, Portugal

This spectacular contemporary villa draws its form from its irregular sloped site—the three levels respond directly to the visual and physical access available at the differing elevations. Each story is treated as a separate volume of meticulously poured and colored concrete, resulting in a pleasing orthogonal composition of shearing layers. The lower floor is partially embanked and opens out onto the garden at the rear of the villa. The principal floor provides direct access to street level in the front, while reserving private access to the terraced upper lawn and backyard pool. The upper floor projects towards the horizon, capturing expansive views of the Atlantic Coast.  Read more about this project in the Architizer database.

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Images courtesy FG + SG Fotografia de Arquitectura