Au Naturale: High Line To Open Third Section Before Construction Begins

images © DNA info

Friends of the High Line have announced that they will open the last section of the elevated park to the public before a major makeover of the grounds begins. For the first two weekends of October ( 6- 7, and 12-13th), the public will be allowed to ascend the third (and final) section of the historic railway and trudge through the path of overgrown grass and weeds that now covers it. This is the last opportunity for New Yorkers to enjoy the site in its “natural state”, what Mayor Bloomberg is calling “the final frontier” of the High Line project. Continue.

The High Line’s latest and final section will follow the rails from West 30th to West 34th street and wrap around the tracks from 10th to 12th Avenue. Self-guided tours will be available from noon to 4PM each day for visitors over 18 years old. Visitors will also be treated to a free UNIQLO t-shit at the end of each tour for the first weekend, as a token of the Japanese retailer’s support of the High Line’s development over the past two years.