20:90 New inhabitants in AUD

Final week in studio!! Some new residents have been popping up around shop as we get closer to presentation dates, including disco balls, birds nests, and alien scales.  Jason Payne’s tech seminar = disco balls + minerals. David Vuong & Co. M.Arch ’13 mad scribblings by Greg Kochanowski & Raman Mustafa produces expressionist drawings with bottom heavy gradience.. Hadrien Predock + students are up to something.. They remind me of yàn wō (燕窝) i.e. swift nests, delicate globular nests!  The undergrads are in much funner studios! Alien skins for new toys by Patrick P. (BA ’12) Adding some spice to model making And finally beautiful apertures and skins by Mitchell Scott Roucheau (M.Arch ’12) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Finals week punctuated by a … Continue reading