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Imposing Right Angles on an Oscar Niemeyer Building

‘Su Mesure’ by FREAKS freearchitects The straight line is an anomaly in the work of Oscar Niemeyer, whose entire career has been concisely described as a “personal struggle with the right angle”. As is well known, Niemeyer is a disciple of the curve, a fond admirer of the splined beauty [insert gauche, anachronistic reference to the “feminine” Continue reading

All the Private Space You’ll Ever Need, In One Little Box

Everyone needs (or demands) their own bit of defensible space. In an increasingly urbanizing world with living conditions becoming ever more dense, that space may not amount to much. Still, the diminutive dimensions  of this private cloister (the smaller, the better, says the “good” urbanist) need not be boring, nor spatially simplistic. On the contrary, such limitations Continue reading