House in Chiharada / Studio Velocity

Architects: Studio Velocity
Location: Chiharada Kōryūjichō, Okazaki-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan
Area: 55.0 sqm
Photographs: Kentaro Kurihara

Site Area: 144.93m2
Total Floor Area: 110.56m2

From the architect.… “Deconstruction of a multi-floored architecture”: A site with a two-storied main house is split in Sigue leyendo

Christian Kerez, distrito cultural de Guangzhou (China)

El estudio suizo liderado por Christian Kerez ha recibido el encargo de diseñar para Guangzhou —la capital de la provincia china de Guangdong— un distrito cultural en una extensión de 55 hectáreas. Junto a torre de televisión de Cantón, que alcanza…
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A Soaring Emblem of New York, and Its Upside-Down Priorities

The observatory, with the wraparound, nosebleed views, is not finished. But a baker’s dozen years after Sept. 11, 1 World Trade Center is up and running…

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Bosco Verticale in Milan wins the International Highrise Award 2014

The jury of the International Highrise Award (IHP) 2014 resolved unanimously: the residential highrise Bosco Verticale in Milan has won the prize, worth EUR 50,000, for the world’s most innovative highrise. The firm Boeri Studio…

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Alberto Campo Baeza: «He buscado, busco y buscaré la belleza hasta morir o hasta matarla»

Alberto Campo Baeza (Valladolid, 1946) ingresó ayer en la Academia de Bellas Artes…

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La herencia de Coderch ve la luz

El trabajo más conocido del arquitecto José Antonio Coderch de Sentmenat (Barcelona, 1913 – Espolla, 1984), figura fundamental de la arquitectura de la postguerra española…

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Wall&decò’s WET SYSTEM™ Revolutionises Bathroom Styling

WET SYSTEM™ by Wall&decò is a revolutionary product for applying large-format non-repeating decorative wallpapers in wet environments such as bathrooms, spas but also fitness centres and kitchen backsplashes

The bathroom is often the most understated and unambitiously decorated space in residential interiors as its design is dictated by functional requirements such as the need for surfaces that repel moisture. But the era of bland bathrooms may be over thanks to Wall&decò’s revolutionary, waterproof WET SYSTEM™ wallpaper collection, which allows exciting murals and non-repeating […]
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Utopia Arkitekter’s “Jewel” Selected in Uppsala Travel Centre Contest

Stockholm-based practice Utopia Arkitekter has been selected to design a new travel centre in Uppsala after their “sculptural, eye-catching jewel of a building” won the municipal design contest. Featuring a travel centre, fitness centre and restaurant on the lower floors and offices in… Sigue leyendo

A piece about light and life

“The tradition I’m coming from is not pleasure. It’s a certain shamanistic excess”Ted Loos explores the work of sculptor Thomas Houseago, whose architectural installation ’Moun Room’ is currently showing until January 17… Sigue leyendo

Michael Kimmelman Reviews 1 World Trade Center

“It’s not so bad,” offered an architect who has a window facing the building.

Alas, it is.

Like the corporate campus and plaza it shares, 1 World Trade speaks volumes about political opportunism, outmoded thinking and upside-down ur… Sigue leyendo