Elegant Kasokudo Bonsai Planter Inspired by the Automotive Industry

A striking fusion of form and function, the Kasokudo Bonsai Planter by designer Adrian Magu is as stylish as it gets. The product is an artistic representation of the developer’s interest for everything green and his work in the automotive industry: “Referencing speed forms and manufacturing processes used in transportation design, this piece juxtaposes movement applied […]

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Architecture for the Dead

There are many moments in life in which architecture helps people confront death. In honor of All Hallows’ Day, we present to you the top 10 images from our “Architecture for the Dead” Pinterest board for viewing. Pay your respects, after… Sigue leyendo

The Rise and Fall of Manhattan’s Density

In 1910, Manhattan reached a peak population of 2.2 million, from which it has never since rebounded, even after modest growth in the past three decades. Angel’s research found that today, Manhattan’s population density is down a surprising… Sigue leyendo

MORA Residential Building / ADN Birou de Arhitectura

Architects: ADN Birou de Arhitectura
Location: Strada Doctor Grigore Mora, Bucharest, Romania
Design Team: Adrian Untaru, Andrei Șerbescu, Bogdan Brădăţeanu, Marius Dumitrașcu, Ruxandra Bardaș, Carmen Petrea
Area: 2020.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Cosmin Dragomir

Structural Design: Popp și Asociații…
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New Plan for Architecture School at Wright Foundation

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has approved a possible path toward independent incorporation of its architecture school – providing fund-raising targets are met, Sean Malone, the foundation’s president and chief executive, said in a note… Sigue leyendo

ACSA’s Community Design Directory includes details on over 200 organizations

Fourteen years ago, The ACSA Sourcebook of Community Design Programs at Schools of Architecture in North America included just over seventy organizations. Since then, the landscape has changed. Today, we’re releasing a new directory, which includes ove… Sigue leyendo

Ten Top Images on Archinect’s “Student Work” Pinterest Board

In case you haven’t checked out Archinect’s Pinterest boards in a while, we have compiled ten recently pinned images from outstanding student projects on various Archinect People profiles.(Tip: use the handy FOLLOW feature to easily keep up-to-date wit… Sigue leyendo

Six Keys to Designing Architecture that Terrorizes

Scaring people is an art, a lucrative art if done right; the haunted house industry makes $300 million a year in the US. Fast Company recently interviewed the designers behind some of the nation’s most notorious haunted houses to learn just how to design architecture that truly terrorizes. A hint: Set the stage; reclaim an existing, preferably already “haunted”, historic building, add fog, and always “scare people forward.” With this in mind, what famous building would you choose to transform into a terrifying haunted house? Let us know in the comment section below and read all of FastCo’s design tips, here.

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Centro Cultural Univates / Tartan Arquitetura e Urbanismo

Architects: Tartan Arquitetura e Urbanismo
Location: Lajeado – State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Area: 9501.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Estúdio Objetivo

General Contractor: Engenhosul Obras
Structure : Simon Engenharia
Design Of Building Automation: Certtum…
Draft Climate Control / Sigue leyendo

Norman Foster’s Interview with The European: “Architecture is the Expression of Values”

Berlin-based editor Max Tholl for The European Magazine has shared with us his interview with Norman Foster on the role of architecture in today’s society. 
The European:… Lord Foster, architects design buildings that will characterize cities for decades or even centuries to Sigue leyendo