Casa en Floreat Australia


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Casa Cantagua en Chile

Este proyecto es las segunda  vivienda en un condominio cerca del mar entre los bosques de pinos y una gran vista lejana al mar. Los propietarios, una familia numerosa, proyectaron una carcasa con un programa que permitía invitar a muchas personas cómodamente.
La planta de la vivienda se desarrolla longitudinalmente en la zona, protegida del viento del sur predominante en el sector , por el presente de la casa se ??abre hacia el norte, donde se complementa con una amplia terraza.
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VIDEO: The Story of Kankwazi, MASS’s First Female Master Mason

In honor of International Women’s Day, MASS Design Group has released the latest in their video series “Beyond the Building,” a visual exploration of the ways architecture impacts lives around the world (see the first in the series here). This episode tells… Sigue leyendo

NÜBA Restaurant – Club / Emmanuel Picault + Ludwig Godefroy + Nicolas Sisto

Architects: Emmanuel Picault + Ludwig Godefroy + Nicolas Sisto
Location: 36 Quai d’Austerlitz, Paris, France
Area: 1,400 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Courtesy of Nicolas Sisto

Conceptual Team: Lionel Bensemoun, Jean Marie Tassy, Gael Personnaz, Emmanuel Picault, Ludwig Godefroy, Nicolas Sisto
Industrial Design: Atelier Antoine …
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House Gripping the Landscape in Japan by Shogo Aratani

Krampon, or the house gripping the landscape, nestled on a rocky emplacement in Hyogo, is the one of the most ingenious projects made by Japanese architect Shogo Aratani…. Clambering on the steepness of the scenery, this two storey venue is designed for an 11-meter change of level, front to back, is divided into a string of blocks staggering up

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Taipei Flower Wholesale Market, Taiwan International Flower Trade Center Small Site For Plant Market. / H.P. Chueh Architects & Planners

Architects: H.P. Chueh Architects & Planners
Location: Taipei City, Taiwan
Area: 7,300 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Jane Kung

From the architect.… In 2001, the Taipei City Government chose to relocate the Taipei Flower Wholesale Market and transform it  into an Sigue leyendo

China plans to unleash smog-killing drones to zap its pollution

China’s premier, Li Keqiang, announced a “war on pollution“—evidence that the highest levels of government have acknowledged that China’s smog and dirty air have reached a crisis point. And what better way to launch a war … Sigue leyendo

Tadao Ando to design first residential building in New York

Tadao Ando has been commissioned by real-estate development firm Sumaida + Khurana to design an ultra-luxury condominium building in New York. This will be Ando’s first building in New York.Here’s more detail about the upcoming project:”New York-based … Sigue leyendo

From drab to fab, Jersey City’s alluring architecture is making “Chilltown” hot

As Jersey City has cast off its stigma as a back-office-and-apartment haven of cheap rents and cheaper-looking buildings, more and more professionals and families are calling “Chilltown” and “JC” home. They’re ditching the… Sigue leyendo

Need a 12-Foot Diameter Beachball? Here’s How To Buy A Piece of “On The Road”

For those of you who missed On The Road 4, the fourth iteration of the successful art/architecture series that invaded Palm Springs last weekend, you can now buy a piece of it on Craigslist. As part of the event, which took place at the newly-opened Amado, architect David Freeland produced a gigantic beach ball, made of interlocked […]
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