Palafito Sur Hostal Chiloé / Eugenio Ortúzar + Tania Gebauer

© Eugenio Ortúzar Arquitectos: Eugenio Ortúzar – Tania Gebauer Ubicación: Pedro Montt 465, Castro, Chiloé, Chile Arq. Colaborador: María Teresa de la Fuente Constructor: Dagoberto González Santana Superficie: 200 m2 Año Proyecto: 2011 Año Construcción: 2011 Materialidad Predominante: Madera A continuación la memoria, por los arquitectos. Los palafitos de Castro se encuentran en proceso de […]

Frank Gehry is working for free as architect of new Jazz Bakery

Ruth Price, president and artistic director of the Jazz Bakery since it debuted in 1992, said Tuesday that she didn’t know Gehry, or even ask for his help, before he called about six months ago to volunteer his services.

“He said, ‘I&rsquo…

‘The Lost Wall’ / YNL Design

Courtesy of YNL Design The Lost Wall project by YNL Design is not meant to be a physical revival of what’s lost, but rather an ideological intervention through the use of controversial architectural intrusion. It redefines the project site by sharply contrasting with the surrounding environment, an allegory of modern China and its destructive treatment […]

Two Semi-detached Houses In Barcelona / CAVAA Arquitectes

© Filippo Poli Architects: CAVAA Arquitectes / Jordi Calbetó, Oriol Vañó Location: Santa Coloma de Cervelló, Barcelona, Spain Project Year: 2011 Project Area: 390 sqm Photographs: Filippo Poli Two Houses and Two Families In the centre of a town near Barcelona and in a location initially occupied by orchards, two sisters with their respective families […]

Entrevista Barclay & Crousse por Tommaso Cigarini

La siguiente es una interesante entrevista realizada al joven y destacado estudio peruano Barclay & Crousse. Esta oficina compuesta por Sandra Barclay y Jean Pierre Crousse da sus primeros pasos en París, para luego trasladarse hasta su natal Lima a proseguir con su labor en el contexto latinoamericano. Son autores de interesantes obras las cuales […]